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Yogi always was a dumb dog. I have kids younger than him that make more sense and can put a logical sentence together. Nude sex of women. I just don't get it. If I were him, I'd change my name and move to another country where people don't know me.

Still nobody is perfect ;we all make the mistake of not using common sense in matters of the heart. Jay tavare nude. What I don't get is The large fat dude was probably Jay. This really scares me because I've been having occasional sex with Jay and if he is knowingly spreading Herpes then I need to get tested. Seems all you women had some sort of temporary insanity!!??? If you think He's a celebrity then you definitely drank his kool aid. Where did all my fans go? Although I didn't experience the abuse some of these ladies experienced, I did meet the real Jay, the monster their referring to here.

And why are you lot sending him x-rated pictures over the internet? Anonymous above, do you remember the name Jai used in school in Iran? I had to tell my poor sista the man she crazy for is a freak of the week, and probably go knee deep. Tatiana thumbtzen nude. Kimberly Rayburn only agreed to marry you 23 yrs ago because a smarter woman turned you down and it was only for you to get your "Green Card" Marriage of convenience turned into a nightmare of abuse, neglect, embezzlement, restraining orders and jail.

Why are there so many blogs,written about his predatory and fraudulent behavior? Perhaps he needs to stop making his home his fuck pad and so damn popular. Of course the marriage was just for Jai to get his green card but nonetheless they are still married; Lie after lie after lie Why doesn't Jay ever wish his parents well on facebook. You are cheap and that is why you get these roles. First of most of these women thought that they were in a monogamous relationship with this man.

Women, guard your purses and your hearts. They know what to say to a woman to get her to back down. OMG more than once. I did end up paying for lunch at a That restaurant!!!

No home, no job, no retirement, no good health benefit. It's not right to post his address online. They know better than you what is the right thing to do. He has groupies, that is evident by virtue of these comments alone. To the Anonymous above. Lesbian and bisexual womens sexual health. If they do they'd big bigger fool than Tavare.

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You got so angry at him. Most people who have herpes have no, or very mild symptoms. Skyrim lesbian sex mod. He thought it was funny. Does he have HIV?? This proves how ignorant and desperate and naive she is to put up a blog which blatantly shows how much disrespect and disregard he really has for her.

I wonder how many female fans get face book messages from Jay Tavare trying to seduce them with his nude and photo shop pics only to find out when they actually meet him that he looks nothing like his photos but instead short, creepy and stoned out of his mind!

Sucks to be you huh? He did give me genital herpes and tried to make me feel that I was the one carrying it all a long. What is wrong with you for allowing this to continue? In German with subtitles. I talked to many of them and they were like they are still with you! Believe it, Anonymous; this isn't a nightmare but I wish it was. Tavare has always represented his charity causes sincerely and in good faith. You are old, fat, your skin is sagging big time, your teeth are rotten just like you, and you smell horrible.

You slept with him knowing he had multiple partners and now you're on here feigning innocence. If you scroll up and read some of the comments, you'll notice that after one woman says she was infected then others just automatically take her word as truth and start agreeing.

Moderadora View my complete profile. Milf hunter index. Jay tavare nude. He is such a truly vile and despicable man!

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Tavare have been seriously and illegally harassed by the very sources of the "information" you have written about here. Dwight returns the next day to propose his plan once more. You're probably sitting there besides Jay, stroking what's left of his ego. I personally think thats a great Idea. Can't wash some of that shit off Grandma! How dare you blame these woman for the evil Jay Tavare has done.

So much to tell, so little time. Yes, it's wrong for him to go around spreading the disease without telling anyone, but you were the ones to open your legs. If you don't have anything of value to say here don't comment. Naked video watch. TTT is my favorite of the LotR movies, but c'mon now.

Unless you are a victim, pipe down; you don't know what you're talking about.

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